GIS Record Labels

If you select the "Label" checkbox when plotting a database, you will get an additional panel on the plotting form:

  • Field to use for the labels
  • Font: name, color, and size
  • Secondary label, which will be below the primary label, and can use a different font.
  • Avoid label overprints (by leaving some blank in they are closely spaced)
  • Skip factor: how many records to skip (to avoid clutter)
  • Max decimals to show if label is a number.


If the GIS has one of the following fields ('NAME', 'FEATURE', or 'FENAME') that field will be selected as the default label. The first of these fields encountered will be selected.  You can override the selection and that choice will be remembered.

You can label the GIS records automatically every time when the program opens if:

Last revision 1/7/2017