GIS Scaled Symbols (True Type Fonts)

Pick from "Plot" button menu on database table display window.  These will plot at the location of a point record, and the centroid for lines and areas.





Color options

Size Options;

  • Use either the value from a numeric field, or a constant
  • Set the range of symbol size
  • Set the max and min values from the DB field to use for the size.  Larger values will plot at the max, and smaller values at the min.  This can allow the plot to ignore extreme values.
Bottom panel controls:   


Map with scaled symbols selected from true type font.  Depending on the map scale and the density of records, this can easily clutter the map.
Map with scaled circles. The area is proportional to the value, so the radius varies with the square root of the value.  As with the symbols, this can clutter the map.

Last revision 1/11/2017