Point Digitizing in Google Earth

Download and install Google Earth.

Line digitizing in Google Earth

Use Satellite or Merge view, or digitize on a KML/KMZ fle.

Navigate to the location you want.  Since the placement will be in the center of the screen, you might put the location near the screen center.

  Pick "Add placemark" button on toolbar.

Drag Placemark Icon to correct location.  You want the point of the push pin on the location.

Enter Name for location.

Any other changes will be reflected in Google Earth, but not in MICRODEM.

Hit "OK" when done.


  • Save as KML
  • Open database with MICRODEM and pick the KML point file.
  Perform  image registration.

Enter the points on the image which correspond to your control points.

You can use these locations to register an image.  If you do this, you will have to enter the screen coordinates for the last point, and then move each control point to the bottom of the list and add its image coordinates.

Last revision 12/10/2017