GPS Logger

This device records you track, and you can later download it to the PC for GIS work.

We experimented with BlueTooth Connection to a PC, but the advent of cell phones with good GPS meant that was a better option.

  • 74x43x10 mm
  • 55 g
  • Bluetooth NMEA output
  • MicroSD storage
  • Turn off, put in a pocket or backpack, and you will have positions all day.

Logger peculiarities:

  • Files have an ASCII #0 in the data fields, and will not read in some software.  Current MICRODEM will now open files without pre-processing; older versions require:
  • Only takes a relatively small storage card, which might be hard to find now  (only 1 GB cards allowed, at least on the version I have)
  • Good battery life.  Rechange via USB.
  • Have to remove MicroSD card and use a reader to get data to the computer.
  • Speed is heavily filtered (whole km/hr, and when walking you do not even get all the integers, so you have about 3 possible speeds).  But in MICRODEM you can use Navigation, add travel path, to get much more accuracy, and then filter (Edit, Field arithmetic, mean or median filter) if you want.
  • With Windows 7 (and maybe Vista), the operating system may ask you to enter a four-digit security code for Bluetooth connection to PC; for GPS units, if no code is included with your unit,  ?0000? usually works.

I got this in about 2011, to use with a netbook.  It was first on Amazon in 2008, there are current reviews (2018) showing it has not changed much.  The V-990 might be an improved version of the V-900.  In addition to the older VisionTac name, the newer ones appear to be Columbus.  Reviews on Amazon are pretty accurate; if you can live with them, it works well.

Last revision 4/23/2018