Graphically Edit Record Locations


Left: original location of the record for the stop sign, which is off for two reasons:

  1. Picture with EXIF data used to create database was actually taken in the street.
  2. At this scale with 6" imagery, the imperfect accuracy of the GPS shows up.

Enable Edits with checkbox.

Move Record to correct location: 

  • Edit, Graphically move points:
  • Drag and drop to desired location.

Alternatively, especially if there are multiple points with the same GPS location (because of problems with the camera):

  • Use Edit, Map coordinates, Randomize duplicate points.  You can then drag and drop them.
  • or:
    • Right click at the correct location on the map, and pick "Copy lat/long coordinates to clipboard"
    • Double click on the record in the database.
    • Pick "Paste coordinates from clipboard"



Last revision 8/29/2015