Grazing Angles

Option invoked by right clicking on  Line of sight/Topographic Profiles:

LOS Profile. Right clicking  gives an option to compute grazing angles. 
Graph of grazing angles.  No results reported where LOS is blocked.

If you have a vegetation grid active, results will be to the top of the vegetation layer.

Slopes computed in the plane of the profile, using elevations computed along profile.

Standard database Table with results. 
  • Negative PITCH looks down from the observer to the ground.
  • SLOPE_2D is the slope along the LOS profile; negative slopes down away from the observer.
  • SLOPE_3D and ASPECT are slope and aspect at the point along the profile.
  • GRAZING_2D is the grazing angle using SLOPE_2D.
  • GRAZING_3D is the grazing angle using SLOPE_3D.

You can get a map of the grazing angles from the compute required antenna height  option on Calculate, Intervisibility menu.

Last revision 7/23/2012