Create Grid from Point Clouds

Tab on LIDAR point cloud analysis form.  Creates a new grid or grids that matches the DEM covering the map.  Some options require you to have or create a  DTM

  • Grid size (m).  The grid will be UTM.
  • Auto fill holes: remove small voids, up to radius of max gap (grid cells).  You can do this later if you find the holes are too big.  If there are too many holes, you should consider making a the grid spacing larger.
  • Force UTM zone: if no zone is set, it will use the zone of the currernt map.  You should only change if you want to use an adjacent UTM to match other data.
  • Word densities: by default density will be stored in bytes (max 255); set this if you need up to 65K points.
  • DTM choices on point selection, most important as you generalize and pick a larger grid size.  The differences will be very subtle, and occur in areas with significant slopes. 
    • Max
    • Mean
    • Min
    • Nearest--the point closest to the grid location



Last revision 10/4/2018