There are two ways to access the help file:

  1. Using the CHM help file. You are likely going to have to change the file properties to unblock it (right click on the file in Windows File Manager, pick option at bottom right to unblock) after you download it. You should also have the CHM file on a local (not network) drive, with no spaces or funny characters in the path.   The help file is also not very friendly to navigate to web links since many of the browser functions are blocked by Microsoft (the help file actually runs in a stripped down version of Internet Explorer)  For those you can try the online version of the help file, or open Internet Explore, get the recent history (Ctrl-H), and the link you had in MICRODEM will be there.
  2. Online version of the help file (no searching, and obviously requires an internect connection).

Help buttons throughout the program use your selected method.

Last revision 6/6/2018