Using Hyperspectral Imagery

Access via

Best used with Hyperion data.  Some older or other hyperspectral data might still work, but have not been tested recently.


Intended for Hyperion

  • Basic band stats: range, average, and standard deviation.  It also finds which bands have no data, and marks the band list for those bands.
  • Unsupervised classification
  • Satellite histogram.   This will be for the currently active band.
  • Grid scattergrams.  Select two bands.  Adjacent bands will generally be very strongly correlated.  To better discriminate, you would bands to be uncorrelated.
  • DNs at point:  Checkbox selects graphs in terms of wavelength instead of band number.  You can keep adding points until you select some other option.   If you hit the button again, it  will start a new graph.
  • Correlation matrix--very slow.
  • High and low tails affect the contrast for the scene.  The colors will be linearly stretched between the two percentiles, and not waste colors on clouds or very dark pixels.
  • Picking a band changes the display to grayscale for that band.
Requires spectral reflectance library.

Reflectance library spectra button: pick multiple files if desired for a file open dialog.

Pick single files from the list box.

Last revision 12/21/2017