Image Registration

Limitations on method:

Delaunay triangulation registration has fewer restrictions (but more effort)

New imageSelect image (TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG) that you want to register.

If the image were already registered,  use the "Edit, Re-register" edit choice. Then select Register, Image from the window's menu.

Main Buttons on right of form:
  • Reg File
  • Plot option
    • Plot and Label  registration points
    • Plot delaunay triangles
    • Font, point symbol, line symbols
  • KML points--enter locations from a KML file.  You will get Point Name, Lat, and Long entered in the database, and then will have to associate image coordinates.
  • Clear points--deletes all registration points.  Use with care.
  • Quad Map

Buttons on bottom of form:

  • Image Point: select points on the image.
  • Map Point: select points on a registered map open in another window to get ground coordinates to use for the registration.
  • Graph point: select points on a graph window to get ground coordinates to use for the registration.
  • Enter Coords--enter lat/long, UTM, or MGRS coordinates.
  • XY--enter arbitrary XY coordinates for an image that is not a map.
  • Gaz--use gazetteer to add points
  • Tri--triangle extrapolation to add points along map edges
  • Next point

Copying and pasting coordinates for registration.

You are responsible for determining if this procedure is appropriate, and which kind of world file or rotational registration to create for your grid. In a UTM file, the UTM grid lines should be running north-south and east-west, with no stairstepping. Similarly, for a geographic grid the lat/long lines should be straight.  The most general case does a "Rotate Reg", but will only use UTM coordinates and cannot be exported from MICRODEM .  The rotated image cannot be saved correctly for export to other programs.  If you need registration for another program, you should get a more robust solution.

  1. Enter coordinates and the points on the image to which they correspond.
  2. Create registration file.
  3. Edit registration points.

Image registration pages:

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