Imagery Merge and Sharpening

Landsat 7 TM data

Deep Springs California. Panchromatic and merged imagery at 15 m scale, with Bands 4-3-2 blown up with interpolated reflectances.

Bands 4-3-2 in R-G-B, 30 m pixels Bands 4-3-2 in RGB to give the hue, and band 8
to give the intensity.  15 m pixels
Band 8 (panchromatic), 15 m pixels


To get merge:

  1. Select color image scene, which must be registered, and make the selection map a multiband image. Coverage on this map does not have to show the area for the merge.
  2. Select high resolution pan band scene.
  3. Select the area you want for the merge, on the pan band. You should select something that is approximately 1:1 view.  With less than a 1:1 view, you will not gain much from merging the high resolution pan data compared to the multiband data.
  4. With the pan band map active (blue highlighted title bar), select the "Modify, Merge Color Scene" menu choice.
  5. The multiband selection map will be rescaled to cover the same area as the pan band, colors will be interpolated for each pixel, and then the two images will be merged.

Data that can be used:

  1. Landsat 7 and 8 data in GEOTIFF format.
  2. IKONOS 1 m Pan and 4 m multicolor data
  3. QuickBird 0.61 and 1 m data

Last revision 12/17/2011