Imagery Merge and Sharpening

Landsat 7 TM data

Deep Springs California. Panchromatic and merged imagery at 15 m scale, with Bands 4-3-2 blown up with interpolated reflectances.

Bands 4-3-2 in R-G-B, 30 m pixels Bands 4-3-2 in RGB to give the hue, and band 8
to give the intensity.  15 m pixels
Band 8 (panchromatic), 15 m pixels


To get merge:

  1. Open a Landsat 7 or 8 scene.
  2. Subset & zoom to the region you want.  The map will be at 100% magnification for the pan band, and 200% for the other bands
  3. Band to pick the three color merge you want: true color, false color, or custom.
  4. Pick the Pan sharpen button
    1. The current 3 band color merge will be drawn with 200% magnification.
    2. The pan band will be drawn at 100% magnification.
    3. The color merge will be overlaid to give the hue, and the intensity will be from the pan band.

Data that can be used:

  1. Landsat 7 and 8 data in GEOTIFF format.

Data that could be used if we had samples for testing:

  1. IKONOS 1 m Pan and 4 m multicolor data
  2. QuickBird 0.61 and 1 m data

Last revision 9/23/2019