Import SF3 Census Data

Option on Import: menu of Data Manipulation form.

Requires that you download SF3 data from the Census Bureau and save as a comma delimited file.

This uses a SF3.dbf in the main MICRODEM directory.  If the file is not present, it will be created.  This keeps track of the names to use in the DBF database, the cryptic SF3 codes, and the long descriptions.

If the SHORT_NAME is listed as "SKIP", the field will not be imported.  Fields "GEO_ID", "SUMLEVEL", and "GEO_NAME" are good candidates to skip.

You will be prompted to enter names for any fields that are not in the database, and these will be remembered for the next time.

The file will be opened and converted into a DBF file.

The SF3.dbf  file, with some default settings, will be in the main program install in 2009.  An updated file, with additional field definitions, will be available on the Download data sets option.

Last revised 12/29/2008