Import/Export Options Tab

Tab on options form, from Options menu selection.

  • Auto fill holes on DEM merge
    • Neighbors only in 2 directions
    • Max gap to fill (radius looking out in each direction, N, S, E, W)
  • GeoPDF: layers for export on US Topo maps GDAL cannot curently handle these
  • Wrap ETOPO5-- show ETOPO5 1 times or 2 times, so that both the Pacific and Atlantic appear in full rather than split at the edge of the map.
  • Import floating point DEMs as 32 bit values rather than convert to 16 bit integers.
  • Missing values set to sea level--set this with care.
  • Assume negative values missing--set this with extreme care; you could find yourself at Badwater ( Death Valley), or the Dead Sea.
  • Option to assume missing values during DEM import. 
  • Option to always verify world file datums.
  • Open vegetation grid map: Option when loading a vegetation grid  to show the map or not.
  • GeoJSON: set the number of decimals for ASCII data exports.  You trade off file size for accuracy; the best solutions depend on the units of the data.
  • Set the Nav options, and whether they are automatically added when you import FIT files.
  • delete metadaa Geotiff DEM files.  These are big, and for most users not useful.  If you know enough to use them and want to same them, you need to change the default.

Last revision 10/6/2021