Import/Export Options Tab

Tab on options form, from Options menu selection.

  • Auto fill holes on DEM merge
    • Neighbors only in 2 directions
    • Max gap to fill (radius looking out in each direction, N, S, E, W)
  • GeoPDF: layers for export on US Topo maps
  • Wrap ETOPO5-- show ETOPO5 1 times or 2 times, so that both the Pacific and Atlantic appear in full rather than split at the edge of the map.
  • Import floating point DEMs as 32 bit values rather than convert to 16 bit integers.
  • Missing values set to sea level--set this with care.
  • Assume negative values missing--set this with extreme care; you could find yourself at Badwater ( Death Valley), or the Dead Sea.
  • Option to assume missing values during DEM import. 
  • Option to always verify world file datums.
  • Merge DEMs with different datums
  • Open vegetation grid map: Option when loading a vegetation grid  to show the map or not.
  • GeoJSON: set the number of decimals for ASCII data exports.  You trade off file size for accuracy; the best solutions depend on the units of the data.

Last revision 6/12/2017