Key Data Sets

Caveats on these lists.

US Interagency Elevation Inventory:

Type of data US, Large Scale (Small Area) World, small scale (large area) World, Large Scale (Small Area)

Lidar Point Clouds

US sources, with directions

Not a good choice

The following countries have good, free lidar:

  • Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Luxembourg,Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
DEM, resolution from 1 m to 100 m

3DEP from National Map (directions) and National Map Viewer (download)

Key Global Regional DEMs

CoNED, Coastal National Elevation Data

Key Global Regional DEMs

Orthoimagery, about 1 m resolution or better

NAIP and higher resolution download  (check both USGS sites; they might have different imagery)

WMS service

Not a good choice  
Satellite imagery, 10-30 m resolution
Land Cover US NLCD  from  MLRC, 30 m resolution 300 m C3S Global Land Cover
Vector data  
Gazetteer National Map Viewer or USGS GNIS for state   NGA for foreign countries


US state sites  Country sites All Free Data Key Global Regional DEMs

Last revision 7/24/2021