Key Map Elements


Grid For a map that will be a quality product, you should have a grid or graticule.  You can label it before export; by default the GIS program might omit this, to use as much of the screen as possible for the map, menus, toolbars, and other controls, and the position while roaming lets you get coordinates as needed.

Some old school cartographers will insist that every map also have a north arrow, and a location map showing where in the world it is.  In the age where most maps reside in Word or PowerPoint documents, this might "waste" space better devoted to actual map content.

Never stretch a map in Word or PowerPoint, since that distorts what the GIS program worked to properly depict.  Adjust the layout in Word or PowerPoint to accept the map, or change the map coverage in the GIS program.

Last revision 1/23/2022