Problem Opening KML/KMZ Files

Another program can hijack the KML/KMZ file extension (Adobe Acrobat Reader is a common culprit).  You can resolve this most easily by:

  1. Go into Google Earth, and Pick File, Open, and select your KMZ file which will be in "c:\mapdata\kml\KMLnn", where nn is the highest number.  From Google Earth you can right click in the table of contents, and Save Place As and pick the location and file name you want.
  2. Fix the file association by:
    1. Right click on a KMZ or KML file (whichever you are having problems with)
    2. Pick open with, then Choose another App.
    3. If you don't see Google Earth, you might have to scroll down and search for the App which will be in "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth Pro\client" if you have the 64 bit version installed which you should have done, since MICRODEM is only 64 bit.

Last revision 12/5/2018