Landsat Data

Landsat Intro

Set up a free account with USGS.  Download at no charge from three locations, which all act a little differently and may show different coverage.


If you have trouble getting the right scene to cover the area you want:

The Bulk Data Application (BDA) can manage downloads of multiple files.

Compress/Decompress has an option to uncompress files from USGS (Unix tar.gz file), and place them in a directory with the file name.  You must extract the Geotiff files to use in MICRODEM.

MICRODEM relies on the file naming convention from USGS.  It can currently deal with two variants, but not the  LANDSAT 8 SURFACE REFLECTANCE CODE (LASRC) PRODUCT.

MICRODEM will create the following subfolders in the directory with a Landsat scene if you attempt any computation analysis:

Browse images.  The browse images are subsets of the full scenes, about 800x800 pixels and 130 kb in JPEG format.  You can create a database to view them.  They are not registered and you cannot do any mapping or analysis operations with them.

Look images.  You can use the look images, if you download them with the world file (.world extension).  You must then use File Tools Identify directory, and set the directory to have the correct projection.  Look images are full scale scenes with 30 m pixel size, and about 8000x8000 pixels and 6 MB in size.  This has been tested with the south polar stereographic files, but should also work with UTM.

Key Remote Sensing Options in MICRODEM

Landsat online viewers

Last revision 8/21/2017