Landsat Browse Images

Use this section with caution.  These have changed, and the documentation may not be current.

Put Landsat browse images and metadata (optional, but supplies cloud cover and sun orientation) in a directory.  For Landsat 8 the metadata files end with "_mtl.txt", while for the earlier missions it was ".meta". Glovis allows getting a lot of browse images, with metadata, in one operation. 

Browse images use Bands 6,5,4 for Landsat 8/9, and Bands 5,4,3 for Landsat 4,5, and 7.  The most obvious anomaly with this color combination is cyan snow.

On the main menu, Analyze, Create, Landsat browse index. This will create a database in the directory with the files, which will look in any subdirectories of the main directory.

Record display  from Right click on record in table display window will show the browse image and key metadata.  You can use the <Prev and >Next buttons to cycle through the browse images, after filtering from the attributes such as cloud coverage  if desired.

Last revision 2/22/2022