Landsat Geocover 2000

15 m imagery available for download at

False color, but generally easy to interpret.

Most files are about 200 MB in size.

MrSID compression

Table. Geocover color interpretation

  True Color

Red:      Band 3 
Green:  Band 2
Blue:     Band 1

False Color

Red:      Band 4
Green:  Band 3 
Blue:     Band 2

SWIR (GeoCover)

Red:      Band 7
Green:  Band 4
Blue:     Band 2

Trees and bushes Olive Green Red Shades of green
Crops Medium to light green Pink to red Shades of green
Wetland Vegetation Dark green to black Dark red Shades of green
Water Shades of blue and green Shades of blue Black to dark blue
Urban areas White to light blue Blue to gray Lavender
Bare soil White to light gray Blue to gray Magenta, Lavender, or pale pink



Last revision 11/11/2013