lastools is a suite of command line tools for lidar point clouds.  It is available:

You must download lastools, unzip it, and then move the entire data structure into c:\microdem.  Insure you do not get c:\microdem\lastools\lastools.  The tools will be in c:\microdem\lastools\bin; this is required so the programs can have access to required DLLs and databases.

Help for lastools (and lidar in general):

MICRODEM encapsulates lastools for:

You must use the lastools GUI or command line interface to:
  • Use lastools  TXT2LAS to convert text file to LAS (txt2las -parse xyz -i lidar.txt).  This can be accessed on the Export menu choice of the Data Manipulation form.  If your XYZ file is more complicated, you will have to create a command line.
  • Use lastools  LAS2TXT to convert LAS to text (las2txt -sep comma  lidar.las).  You will have to add the header row in something like Notepad, which works better than Word for files around 75 MB in size.

Classification--restricted license for these programs may not allow you to use them. 

Problems with point clouds

last revision 12/8/2017