Legislative Redistricting

MICRODEM allows simplified legislative redistricting. The handling of racial demographics is very simplistic, but should show how the process works.  This option is a working prototype for educational purposes.

Ways to start preparation of redistricting plan:

On  main menu, pick File, Open, Open Redistricting map, and pick a modified block or block group file.  This provides a shortcut to the following steps but requires that you have the TIGER shape files indexed.
Redistricting Form.

Statistical data for the districts shown in the map below. The size of the color bars are proportional to the target population shown in the "Goal" column, which should be 100% (or very close) for each district. Both the percentages and absolute numbers of white, black, and Hispanic residents are shown.


Redistricting map. Hypothetical districts within the city of Annapolis.  Population Map. Population within the blocks.  Note the very densely populated block on the SW edge of the city.  Black Population. Percentage of blacks within each block. 
Blocks in white are outside the city, or have no population (e.g. schools, business districts, government buildings)

Legend for final map:

Last revision 11/1/2018