Lidar Ground Classification

From the "CLASS" tab on LIDAR Point clouds control form.  You must have installed the selected program in the location where MICRODEM expects it.

Program and setup diretions Module Parameters Notes
  • scale ('s') parameter
  • curvature threshold ('t')
Fusion groundfilter Approximately 7  
PDAL translate pmf
  Very slow
  translate smrf
  Uses point data type 3, which is very verbose
Whitebox whitebox_tools.exe -r=LidarGroundPointFilter
  • radius plus .....
  whitebox_tools.exe -r=LidarSegmentationBasedFilter
  • radius plus......
LAStools lasground
  • step size which affects how buildings will be excluded
  • bulge parameter which affects local variation in the surface created by a TIN of the ground points
Classify (LAStools).  Note this has license restrictions.


LIDAR Point cloud form  option,  Class tab

  • Classify options
  • Denoise options
  • Program settings which control how the other programs operate


Last revised 6/21/2020