Load Vegetation Grid


Has not been tested recently; use with care (June 2019)


Option on File menu with open DEM.

Vegetation grid  (CHM) must have the same dimensions and spacing as the DTM (required for speed), and can be created from Derivative Grids menu choice (DSM-DTM). If the vegetation grid is not appropriate, you will be asked to reinterpolate it.

With this grid open,   Line of sight and Weapons fan/viewshed  will include the effects of vegetation (or other obstacles).

Fans done with (left) and without (right) the effect of vegetation.

Toggle vegetation on and off by Right clicking on LOS view and picking vegetation option.

  LOS drawn with the effects of vegetation.  You can note the locations of the vegetation, and that even where there is no vegetation the view is blocked by the "shadow" zone from the vegetation that blocks the observer.

Lime color shows vegetation which blocks LOS.  Dark green vegetation does not block LOS.


  LOS with no vegetation.  In this case the spires are probably artefacts in the DTM.

Last revision 12/30/2011