Load WMS Map

Requires database (c:\mapdata\wms_servers_v*.dbf)  with parameters of WMS servers which comes with MICRODEM.   If you want additional WMS servers,  edit this database.  The USE field has Y/N to indicate if you see the entries, which will be in alphabetical order.


Imagery with the map scale approximately 2 m per pixel or larger.  This is leaf on.
Same request, but zoomed in.
Imagery with the map scale approximately 1 m per pixel or smaller.  This is leaf off.

Open any map, and select the region of interest.  You should not try this option on a map covering a huge area.  The map must have either a UTM or geographic projection.

Right clicking on the mapLoad, WMS maps, deliberate and pick layer you want.

WMS button on the Map toolbar--does the same as quick, and loads your favorite WMS source.  By default this is from USGS and provides about 1 m imagery.



Pick the WMS service you want. 

The debug file can show the requests sent to the WMS server.  Select option on Web tab of the options form.

 Adjust the opacity with the menu option on the right click popup menu.

Remove the overlay with Modify, Clear WMS menu choice.

When WMS fails, the message from the server will be displayed in the default browser.

Last revision 9/27/2018