Loading & Merging Multiple DEMs

There are several ways to load multiple DEMs:  You can select as many DEMs as you want, up the size limits on a single DEM. The current limits are listed with the Help, Program Limits menu choice.  The memory in your computer might limit your ability to manipulate such a DEM, and you probably cannot display every data point simultaneously. If this is a problem you should Thin or Subset the DEMs before the merge.  You should also consider using multiple scales of DEMs for different scales of analysis.

You can savethe merged DEMs from the File, Save DEM menu choice.

You must obey the following rules:

Instructions for special cases of merging:

When merging DEMs, MICRODEM loads all the DEMs into memory, determines the size of the merged grid, creates it, and then adds each DEM to the merge.  If you do not have the memory, you could:

Last revised 11/9/2018