LOS Right click options

Line of sight/Topographic Profiles

Gallery showing effects of individual parameters

Right click within LOS image to get popup menu:
  • LOS Parameters--change display parameters
  • Magnetic model
  • Sensor/observer site blowup:  Slope map, color coded by trafficability categories, with contours overlaid.  The observer will be a small red square in the center of the view.
  • Adjust azimuth--keep observer (left side) constant and change profile
  • Adjust range--keep observer (left side) constant and change profile
  • Line size and colors
  • Set image size: set width in pixels (you can also just drag resize, but this allows an exact value)
  • Profile drop down:
  • Profile name
  • Profile legends
  • Intervisibility summary
  • OpenGL of point cloud

  • Protractor: overlay protractor and move it along the profile.  Double click to park it on the profile.
  • Average elevation: compute moments for points along the profile.  This is computed using the number of points on the screen display, so you should maximize the window first.
  • Measure slope
  • Fresnel zone encroachment
  • Fresnel zone cross sections
  • Crest Wavelength/Height
  • Grazing angles
  • Grain along profile--graph showing how terrain organization varies with region size along profile.

  • If Methods comparisons enabled
  • Parallel Profiles--draws parallel profiles, on each side of the profile line.  They will be shown in gray, the original profile will be shown in red, and the average profile will be shown in green.
  • All open DEMs--creates a profile along the same line for all open DEMs.
  • Profiles on other DEMs

  • Save profile end points (you are restore the profile with File, Load LOS/topo profile
  • Save image
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Paste from clipboard

Last revision 10/15/2014