Map Information

Map information can be selected either from the main menu ("Info") when a map window is active, or from a button on the map window's toolbar. The results will vary with the kind of data on the map.  Key information used by MICRODEM to display the data set includes:

There are also options to see Geotiff or other file metadata:

DEM map

Note that only 28% of the data points appear on screen. 

With 1453x1584 points here, but for almost all monitors, you cannot see all the data on screen at one time, and would have to use scroll bars, or Subset so you can zoom in to full resolution.

Satellite image map, with an associated DEM allowing elevations to be determined.  For Landsat data, the key information will be extracted from the metadata.

With about 64 million data points, this cannot be displayed at full resolution on the monitor, and you might not have enough memory to open the scene at full resolution with scrollbars.
Vector map.

Last revision 11/2/2017