Map Layout and Legend Creation

Prepare Printer Image.   Invoked from Print button on map toolbar, the file menu, or right clicking on the map.  If you want a map with marginal data and a grid/graticule, you can create it and the save the map or copy it to the clipboard. 

  • Check boxes determine whether features are included or not.  If the feature is not appropriate for this map, it will not be enabled.
  • Edit boxes let you adjust the overall size of the map.
  • The draw button will draw the map as requested.
  • On the preview image, you can drag any feature to reposition it.
  • Print brings up the print preview window, from which you can select the scale for printing.
  • Full UTM grid
  • Simple grid
Map of the Hanging Rock Quadrangle, with
  • Title
  • Scale bar
  • Color legend
  • Collar and lat/long ticks labeled


Grid button on toolbar or popup menu after right click controls grid(s) and spacing.

 Lat/Long grid (if on the map) is on the left and bottom margins.  

UTM grid (if present) is on the top and right margins.

Full UTM grid--prints the entire false easting and northing.
Simple grid--puts a letter/number grid.  The is actually a UTM grid, and you should set the UTM grid spacing.

Last revision 8/26/2009