Map Masking

Select on Edit Menu.

Masks available:
  • Ridge mask
  • Road mask (using Tiger data, which must be in the correct directory and indexed)
  • Mask non-US areas
  • Slope mask
  • Terrain category  The points in the category can either be left in, or edited out.
  • Stream mask (using Tiger data)
  • Shapefile masking: this will apply a mask for all files in the selected directory, or from a single file.  You cannot apply a filter.  If you want to mask with a filtered shapefile, use the Mask DEM with Shapefile, or you can just plot the Buffers from the PLOT button on the database.  

Options for masks:

  • Check boxes enable/disable masks.
  • Option buttons let you change setting for a particular mask.
  • Preview shows just a single mask.
  • Exclude

Combined previews shows all active masks.

Opacity determines how much you can see through the mask.

Mask DEM applies mask to DEM.  Red points will be retained.

Undo mask

Create mask: create and save mask for operations in another option.

OK: end this operation.

In some cases you may not be able to preview or mask the DEM, and can only create a mask.

Last revised  8/31/2012