Map Pattern Editor

Current limitations on patterns:

Access map pattern editor on the File, Tools  submenu.

This was initially designed for stratigraphy and lithologic patterns, so the patterns have a distinct bias toward geology.  The usage was then adapted for Geosym, and was recently adapted for all database plots.

Right click on any pattern to:


On the file menu you can save all the patterns to the zipatone directory.

Form shows two views of the current pattern:
  • On the left, blow up. The grey portion is not used; it shows the full extent of a max sized pattern, 24x24.
  • On the right, full size view, showing how it repeats. The hardest part of designing patterns is to visualize how they repeat right/left and top bottom.

To change  pattern:

  • Use the spin buttons to change the number of rows and columns.
  • Double click to color/uncolor a pixel within the pattern.
  • Use the color menu choice to change the foreground color.

The menu allows you to:

  • Replace the pattern you started editing.
  • Add a new pattern at the end of the patterns. This will leave the original pattern intact.



Last revision  10/4/2017