Projection Properties

The following projections have been implemented in this software:

  Plane Cylinder Cone Azimuthal Conformal Equal area
Albers Equal Area Conic     x     x
Cassini   x        
Equidistant cylindrical   x        
Gnomonic x     x    
Hammer           x
Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area x     x   x
Lambert Conformal Conic     x   x  
Mercator   x     x  
Mollweide   x       x
Orthographic x     x    
Polar Stereographic x     x x  
Sinusoidal   x       x
Stereographic x     x x  
UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)   x     x  
Van der Grinten   x        

Geometrically, a projection can start from a plane, cylinder, or a cone.

The major properties desired in a map are:

(see Snyder, 1987)

Album of projections.

Last revision 1/18/2018