Maps Options Tab

This tab is on the options form, brought up from the Options menu selection.

  • Default display: what the program displays when it opens a DEM.
  • Default size: size for maps when opened. This will be a maximum; one dimension will be decreased to keep the correct scaling.
  • Max map size: in pixels.
  • Map memory check (MB): ask before displaying maps larger than this size. You will have to pan to see these maps, so you might prefer to subset before blowing up the map.
  • Blow up extra margin (m): used for some maps, such as when using high-resolution DEMs for intervisibility
  • Missing data color
  • Box around quick clipboard exports.
  • Contour: set contour map options
  • Preserve map aspect ratio: force the map to have a specified aspect ratio.
  • Aspect: set the aspect ratio desired for maps
  • Key locations: point symbol to use for key locations plotted on the amp
  • Gray scale merges:
  • Allow scale bars, small scale maps: by default the program will not draw a scale bar for a small scale map where the scale could change significantly in different areas.  You can override this, and get a scale bar that should be accurate at the center of the map.
  • Pan buttons: show the pan buttons on the map windows, and the degree of overlap when panning
  • Blow up size (degrees):
  • No DEM interpolations: This will force DEM interpolations to use the nearest grid posting, and not interpolate between points.  It might be marginally faster, and it does show the pixel nature of DEMs which is obscured by interpolation.  There is no good reason to use this regularly.
  • Max distance distortion to draw scalebar

Last revision 3/5/2021