Map Marginalia

On Modify menu of main MICRODEM Menu,  or a right click on map


Form allows you to set modify map marginalia.

  • Legend Elements to be drawn and locations.
    • Elevation color scales for grids/DEMs
    • Scale bar--the program will not draw a scalebar on small scale maps where the scale varies dramatically with latitude.  Cartography, Latitudinal scalebars will put multiple scalebars on the map.  
    • Terrain categories
    • N arrow
    • Map name--especially useful for a number of maps to be assembled into a single large, composite figure.
  • The left and bottom margin can be resized for a DEM map. They cannot be changed for imagery.
  • Grid  To label grid/graticule, use Prepare printer image, or Copy to clipboard with the detailed option.
  • Redraw Map button redraws the map with the modified marginalia.


Database legends are selected with the Plot button on the table display window.



Last revision 4/8/2020