Masking Options

The buffer size will be the line width to draw line or area features, or the radius for points.  proper buffer depends on the scale of the map (pixel size).  The line width allows a margin in selection.

Buffer options--remove:

  • Points near features--only available after setting the mask.  Points meeting the criteria of the mask will be set to missing, and only the points not meeting the criteria will be left.  If you want to retain the masked grid, you must save it.
  • Points away from features--only points meeting the mask criteria will be left in the grid.

All TIGER roads: mask using all roads in the TIGER data; otherwise set the TIGER Options for the roads to use in the mask.

Treat lines as polygons  (e.g. for coastlines of islands)

Show Mask

Options used for:

Mask display after the masking..

Points in black will be deleted, and those in white retained.

You can use this option to see what the mask looks like, or check on problems.

Last revision 5/1/2021