Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis

Geostatistical analysis option on the Raster GIS option of the Main Program Menu.   Set options for the analysis.

Power spectra for each profile. Slope and correlation coefficient for each profile, along with the average and the median.

Gallant and others (1994) compared four methods to compute the fractal dimension of topographic profiles, and liked the Maximum Entropy method.

Tate (1998) proposed that the maximum entropy spectral analysis provides a more accurate estimate of the power spectrum and a more accurate estimate of the fractal dimension. However, the method still requires the selection of a prediction error filter.

The spectral analysis uses the MEMCOF routine of  Press and others (Numerical Recipes, 1987, p.433) and produces graphs in the NS and EW directions.

Other methods for determining fractal dimension

Last revision 10/1/2021