The 64 bit version of the program is now the default installation, and we will not regularly update the 32 bit program.  We have not seen any problems in the 64 bit version during the past two semesters teaching extensively with it.

In addition to those changes required for 64 bit, a number of changes were also made to get the program to run on Android, Mac OS and iOS.  While we get the program stabilized, there is the possibility of three different databases being used.  The debug log will indicate which database is active in the version you run.

We have noticed significant speed up using the 64 bit version of the program, and also with Windows 8.1 and 10. 

As a 32 bit program, the most memory the program could address was 2 GB

MICRODEM Version BDE tDBF SQLITE Changes required
32 bit (will run on 64 bit Windows) Yes--requires BDE installed Yes Yes  
64 bit No Yes Yes New database engine
Android (iOS, Mac OS) No ? Yes New database, case sensitive file names, \ to / in file names, no BMP files

You should be aware of the following limitations:

If you have problems or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Last revision 2/23/2016