Program Limits


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These are hard coded into the program, and are periodically raised (the values shown here might have been raised, and you should always verify the values in the current build).

Max open DEMs refers to the number of open DEMs, each with its own map window.  It does not refer to DEM merging, which can use an unlimited number of individual DEMs so long as you do not exceed the size limits.  It is extremely unlikely that you can load a DEM at the full size of the limits, but you might be able to load long and skinny (or tall and narrow) DEMs with that number of columns or rows (but not both).  I have successfully loaded a DEM with 42000 columns by 6000 rows, and another with 12000 columns and 24000 rows.  Too much bigger than those, and problems, especially with a wimpy computer.

In October 2019, the limit was 250000x75000. 

Max open GIS database refers to vector shapefiles.

Last revision 12/1/2010