Merge Point Databases

Enable edits, and pick on Edit button.  Two options:

If you are going to have strings in the databases, you want to make sure that the first database will accommodate the longest string in each field in the other databases.  One way to do this it to create the database in Excel, and have a "dummy record" with the longest string you could imagine.  Save the file as a CSV, import into MICRODEM, and then delete the dummy record.

If there are images in the database, they must be copied to the same directory as the databases.

For each field in the starting DB, the program will attempt to insert a record for each record in the merging databases.  It will use the field type and length in the starting database, and will do nothing if there are fields in the merging databases that are not in the original database.  If data in the merging database is the wrong type or too long, you will get truncation or other problems.

 For line and area shapefiles, use the merge shapefile option on Merge menu of Data Manipulation Form.

Last revision 10/2/2017