MGRS/UTM zones

MGRS zones.
  • The UTM zone is the first two digits.
  • The latitude bands, the letter, omit "I" (India) and "O" (Oscar) because of the possibility of confusion with numbers "1" and "0".
  • The patterns of the boundaries, which are parallels and meridians, says a lot about this map's projection.  This is a UTM projection, which is generally not used for such a large area, for which a conic would be better.
UTM 1:100 K squares for the MGRS
  • Red letters used for UTM zone 18, and green for the adjacent zones 17 and 19.
  • Two letters give a X (easting) coordinate first, and then a Y (northing), with "I" (India) and "O" (Oscar) omitted to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 and 0.
  • Letters jump in adjacent zones; there is no valid "UH" designator anywhere near here.
  • Letter very different with different datums; "UH" was something different with the older NAD27 datum.
  • In zone 18, the squares remain square (absolutely) and the size (to the degree that can be seen).
  • This is a UTM projection valid for the red squares; the green squares are the adjacent zones..

Last revision 11/18/2017