MICRODEM Program Overview

MICRODEM is a Geographical Information system (GIS) which manipulates digital map data.  All data used must be registered to fully benefit from the GIS, meaning the data has earth coordinates associated.  While the program has some capabilities to create and register data sets, this requires a high degree of user sophistication and is not recommended for most users, and is not a major focus of program development.

Users of GIS must be aware of the following mapping issues:

Basics of running MICRODEM.

Introduction to Data


Program History: how a great program like this evolved.

Product Gallery. Samples of the imagery the program produces, with links to how they are created. 

Download history. See how many people are getting MICRODEM.

Disabled Options 

Manage program updates.

Contact the program author with comments and suggestions using the online MD forum hosted by Delphi.  You should also check the debug log option. 

Selected References

Last revision 8/5/2018