Structural Geology Symbols

Overlay structure orientation symbols one map. These must be in a dBase file, with specified fields.

Digitize structural symbols on screen, using Annotate Map on map toolbar.

After you click on a map location pick type of symbol and dip and strike.

Select file like any Database.  When plotting, control operation with this window:

  • choose to plot data as bedding, foliation,  joints, or fault plane (only if this was not included in the file)
  • suppress labeling of the dip value if desired
  • select the color for plotting on the map
  • pick the symbol for plotting on the stereonet
  • plot a stereo net if desired

The data in the file that plots on screen can also be plotted on a stereo net. You have control over appearance of the stereo net.

You can contour the data on the net, by selecting the net window and using the Modify, Contour interval or Recontour menu option.

Last revision 2/28/2010