Model Magnetic Anomaly Profiles


  Control the model profile.  In most cases you should accept the defaults for the first three parameters.
  • I--the inclination, which is a function of latitude from 90 at the north pole to 0 at the equator to -90 at the south pole.
  • Alpha--orientation of the profile.
  • Block intensity--magnetization of the ocean crust.

You can get a time scale and anomaly names drawn.   For a long profile, the anomaly names could wind up overprinting each other.

Set the ages of the left and right side of the profile.  Make one negative to include the ridge.  The half spreading rate will be indicated in the upper right. 

Modify Model Parameters will redraw the profile.

  Synthetic profile with anomaly names (above) and time scale below.

Each normal period is labeled, with several labels for those with short reversals.  The normals within reversals are also named, such as 1r.1 

The units of magnetic anomalies are nanoTesla (nT) or the equivalent gamma.

Discussion of marine magnetic anomalies.

Marine magnetic profile interpretation. Includes time scale and anomaly names.

Last revision 10/26/2014