MODIS Rapid Response System

MODIS Terra imagery at 500 m resolution (displayed with 1200 m resolution).

Roads and state boundaries overlaid.  The MODIS JPEG has state boundaries, which coincide with those plotted by MICRODEM. has image subsets in multiple resolutions (2 km, 1 km,  500 m, and 250 m) from the Terra and Aqua satellites, with good temporal resolution, and often a choice of the bands displayed.  This has had some geometric corrections applied has the imagery collected almost in real time, with the earth curvature included, which are not suitable for GIS use..

Download the Geotiff, or get a world file to use the JPEG image in MICRODEM.  It is available at the top left of the image, and you may have to remove the ".TXT" extension that Windows XP will append after the JGW extension. You may also have to adjust the file names; the JPEG and World files are not consistent with how they name the files (one uses ".", and the other "_"). You must also insure that the JPEG has a JPG extension and not a JPE extension.  Firefox and Internet Explorer both have different issues with the downloads and file names.

New image to open the file, picking the world file. The first time you open an image, you will have to pick the datum ("WGS.84").  Alternatively a file "ALL.DATUM" in the directory with the images, with three lines ("WGS84", "11", and "N") will work for all files downloaded.  You can create this file with NotePad, or rename one of the .DATUM files that MICRODEM will create.

Last revision 10/18/2015