Movie with all Maps

On File menu, Match other maps

On the selected map:

Thumbnails of up to 6 frames appear at the top of the screen.

Animate creates the movie.  You only have to select it if you change any settings.
Save GIF: save the animation
Load NEW: Open an MOV file, which is text file with the names of the bitmaps.
Frame delay (msec): how long each frace stays on screen.
Optimize: these will probably not have much effect
Clipboard: disabled, as copying animated GIFs to the clipboard is not relibable.
Reorder: opens the MOV file for edits.

The first image in the movie will be the first file in the list. 
You can reorder the file names, delete, or add.
The file names can either be absolute, or relative to the MOV file name's location


Last revision 2/27/2022