Multiple Grid Masking

Option on

Select grids.
  • Pick open grids lets you pick from the grids that were previously opened.  Selection of this option will clear the current selection.
  • Add single grid: add a grid to the current selection and does not open a map for the grid..
  • Load DEM list. Will clear the current selection.  Opens a database with a list of grids, and the min/max for the mask.
  • Save DEM list saves to a database. 


Training point statistics: Grid statistics  for all grids for each class.

Mask options



Changes added late 6/13/13:

Changes added late 6/11/13:


Use checkboxes determine if the grid is used or not in the masking.  This lets you rapidly see the effect of a single layer.

Lock checkboxes means the min/max will not be changed.

Change min/max.  All grids being used and not locked will be entered.

Mask options:

Save table (HTML) creates an HTML file and opens it in the browser.  This includes all information in the grid..

Last revision 12/3/2015