MICRODEM on a Netbook

Netbook PC
  • Older model, not field ruggedized
  • Screen works reasonably well even in bright sun
  • Allows testing operations

GPS Logger
  • If your Netbook does not have Bluetooth, try to get a USB unit with a minimal size.
  • Bluetooth is much easier and more convenient than using cables, both in a vehicle or on foot.
  • In our experience, setting the baud rate is not required and is handled automatically by Windows

This was about 2011.  We had previously  tried using a PocketPC, which did not run a regular version of Windows and required recoding of the source code and never caught on.  Likewise the TabletPC was expensive and nevert achieved much market penetration, although it did run regular Windows programs.  The NetBook brought regular Windows to a small, portable format. The current version of this would be something like the Surface Pro, which runs regular Windows software, but unfortunately does not have the built in GPS of the smartphones..

GPS operations on Windows are not currently working due to the pain on interfacing serial devices, in favor of using Android or iOS programs.

Last revision 12/14/2017