New in Version 6.0

Version 6.0 was fielded in August 2002 with:

  1. New geology options: plotting of earthquake focal mechanisms (beach balls), ternary diagrams, stratigraphic columns, plate rotations and reconstructions.
  2. Greatly improved display of the 130 MB Smith & Sandwell predicted bathymetry data set.
  3. Display HGT and ERR files from SRTM.
  4. USGS database includes SRTM and ASTER DEMs.
  5. Import and display NASA Blue Marble 1 km scale global imagery.  JPEG compressed version that requires 260 MB with little degradation in image quality.
  6. Indexes for gazetteers and shape file databases.
  7. Variable opacity merges of imagery.
  8. VRML file generation.
  9. TIN creation and display.
  10. Graphical edits of line/area shape files.
  11. Live flying can look out the side or rear of the aircraft, instead of only straight ahead.
  12. Batch loading of files allowed in many cases, such as loading of shape file overlays.
  13. Geosym pattern editor.
  14. Index VPF shape files.
  15. Greatly improved options for map layout prior to printing.
  16. New Panorama view, and improved location of points on the perspective views.

No longer supported:

  1. On the fly merge of 10m and 30 m DEMs using USGS database.

Program History

Last revision 5/29/2015