MICRODEM version 6.0x

Program History

Version 6.01 was fielded in fall 2002 to fix minor bugs in 6.0 with some additional enhancements appeared. Several versions appeared, differentiated by the build number.

Version 6.02 was an interim version during the first three months of 2003. Several versions appeared,  differentiated by the build number.

Version 6.03 was finalized, but had quick maintenance releases to fix minor problems.

 This was the last (5/12/2003) version of Terra Base II.

General enhancements:

  1. Read and display 3D shapefiles, no use of Z coordinates (9/9/02)
  2. Save in DTED format can be forced to full one degree cells for intolerant commercial programs (9/19/2002).
  3. New viewshed/weapons fan algorithm (radial IHS)
  4. Label Panorama with peaks from gazetteer files. Note the limited accuracy of both the USGS and NIMA gazetteers.
  5. Label peaks and other features from gazetteer files on maps.
  6. Pan buttons on the map, which can be turned on/off on the maps tab of the options form.
  7. Improved scaling options for a topographic profile.
  8. Improved scaling in perspective options.
  9. Distances can be displayed in miles rather than metric, and scale bars can be in metric or miles. Select with a checkbox on the units tab of the options form.
  10. Read and save images as PNG files.
  11. Save DEMs in USGS ASCII format, from the file, save DEM menu choice.
  12. Save viewshed radials in ASCII text files.
  13. Improved graphical DEM edits.
  14. Improved creation of world files for imagery.
  15. Greatly improved internal saving of movies as MPEGs.
  16. Ability to graphically drag military icons and general icons on the map.
  17. Ability to create map overlays with vector data, and graphically drag them on the map.
  18. Ability to calculate the required height of an antenna to achieve line of sight.
  19. Cartography option to open multiple projections at the same time.
  20. Option to create a rotating earth movie.

New data options:

  1. Location positions on the map with PLSS coordinates, and overlay PLSS grid.
  2. Read 1/3" NED DEMs from USGS.
  3. Use NLCD data from USGS.
  4. Save RPF image merges in ASCII file with list of frames. Can reopen RFM file.
  5. Country GIS from NIMA.

Satellite Imagery Enhancements:

  1. Improved options with TM7 data, in Geotiff format, one band per file.
  2. Read Geotiff with 4 bands of imagery in a single file (e.g. SPOT) (9/23/2002).
  3. Read Landsat Fast format. (10/8/2002)
  4. Save RPF merges in RFM text file is no longer supported..
  5. Save satellite imagery as Geotiff (unenhanced, multiple bands), in addition to MICRODEM format.
  6. Improved Blue Marble 1 km global imagery options.

Geology/GIS enhancements:

  1. Changed handling of structural geology data and gravity stations (9/28/2002)
  2. Point parameters (10/4/2002)
  3. Digitize structural geology symbols online (10/29/2002)

Preview Capabilities--meaning you can display imagery, but not manipulate it.

  1. Terrasever DOQQs and DRGs (US only).
  2. JPL TM imagery (CONUS only) (11/16/2002)

Changes to data formats:

  1. New Header format for DEMs.

Last revision 5/29/2015