3D Viewer

Used for

Key display options:

If the window is covered by other windows, you can bring it to the front using  a choice on the Window menu.

Round controls let you rotate about the x, y, and z axes.  You should be careful with the x and y axes not to overturn the view  You can also drag the view with the mouse, and zoom in/out with the mouse scrollbar.

Reset returns to the default orientation, if you turn the view upside down and cannot get it back.

Move viewport lets you move the view should it become uncentered.

  • You are most likely need to use the Z++ or Z-- to move along the vertical axis.

VE+ and VE- change vertical exaggeration.

Control multiple clouds

  • If you have multiple views of the same data with different coloring, you can select the one you want to show.  Because they are all at the same locations, you cannot display more than one at the same time.
  • If you export by category, or have multiple point clouds,  and the points in the different layers are not at the same point, you can turn layers on and off using checkboxes, adn see several layers at the same time.

Capture options

  • Z rot movie: sequence moving around the z (vertical) axis
  • Clipboard: copies the view to the clipboard.
  • Mult view movie: sequence shows each of the images in sequence. 

Grids puts on a grid.

last revision 1/24/2022