Panorama View

The Panorama button on the toolbar , or the Panorama menu choice also available on the view menu, requires that you first select the central view point, and then the depth of the view.

All perspective views follow the same steps for both generation and modification.

It draws a 450 degree view (you can move up to 45 degrees either side of the north at the start and end), and you use the slider bar to select the view.  Unlike the old panorama, you will not experience motion sickness.

Scrolling Panorama Popup

Also, like other single frame perspectives, when you roam on the perspective view, the status bar at the bottom of the screen will show your location, the range, and the azimuth and pitch to the point where the mouse cursor is located.  You can also see your location on the maps, if you have multiple map roam selected on the options form.  The red cross shows in the map above, although the screen capture loses the mouse cursor on the perspective view itself.

The menu allows you to show the sun position.

Last revised  1/20/2020